Montrealers, you are so generous! How amazing is it to see our community support each other today. Because of all your efforts, thousands of people will no longer be hungry.Together we have created a miracle!

Volunteers worked very hard to pick up from all areas and deliver to those in need. They have gone to thousands of addresses and several organizations received a generous amount of food.

IF YOUR DONATION WAS MISSED, PLEASE GO TO THE ORGANIZATIONS LIST ON THE WEBSITE. Food banks are listed. You can deliver it directly to the organization closest to you during their opening hours.

On September 13, at 12 p.m. (noon), we invited every single resident on the island of Montreal and surrounding areas to drop a non-perishable food item on their doorstep. Thousands of volunteers from your community traveled to collect these donations and redistributed them to those in need in your community. 

The times we have been going through since the pandemic are the most difficult that many of us have ever faced. Now is the time to find the hero in each of us and protect the most vulnerable in our community. This is our time.

Inspired by the success of the Miracle Day events in Ontario and Northwest Territories which provided food to thousands of households, members of your community have taken the initiative to bring this movement to Montreal.

By joining together for this purpose, we will prove that miracles are possible.